Defeat Acne Scars

Defeat Acne Scars

In case you’ve suffered from acne then you understand how challenging it can be to get the very best products to assist you in getting rid of the condition. Most products that are available on the marketplace guarantee a lot but accomplish nearly nothing. A number of the acne scar treatment products available on the marketplace which could help you immensely to win the fight against acne include;

The largest concern about using skin care product is the risk of the skin drying out. Exposed skin care products come in a complete line that comprises of astringent tonic, a cleanser and 2 different serums. The formula of the product line is invented to make sure that the skin is protected from drying for twenty-four hours a day along with the entire time that you’re utilizing the treatment. Considering how easily a dry skin is irritated and that this is the largest cause of outbreaks that’s the reason this product is among the top rated in treating acne. Unnecessary to mention it has a money-back guarantee.

This line of products from ZENMED joins the best of two worlds to provide the best and wholesome treatment of acne. By using salicylic acid that is aggressive at treating acne, the products also has a blend of other natural products like cucumber, aloe Vera and sage which are ideal in soothing the skin. The last mix is an powerful yet mild product which helps to clear acne while at the exact same making certain that your skin feels comfortable all along. The product also has a dietary supplement that actually helps to treat the illness from the interior ensuring the issue is eradicated entirely.

For folks that trust in the good of nature, this is actually the ideal product for them to use. Made out of 100% herbal treatment, the merchandise carries a wash, an herbal treatment and a lotion. With a blend of salicylic acid among other herbal ingredients, the product functions by washing away the dirt, clearing the pores, tightening them and fight off bacteria. What is more it adds the right amount of moisture in the top layers of the skin to avoid irritation during treatment which could cause further out breaks. The product also helps to forbid the occurrence of acne that results from diet and hormones. It also helps to decrease the high levels of sebum produced by the body hence reducing the chances of the pores of your skin being clogged and causing the outbreak. The product isn’t all talk as each of the good is clinically tested and proven and hence by choosing to use this product you are ensured of positive results.

You don’t have to continue shooting in the dark anymore trying to find products that will give you yourself self-confidence back by wiping out your pustules. These three products are tested and are found to do exactly what they maintain they are able to do. How the pores of your skin come with money back guarantees means that the producers are that confident that their products will probably be beneficial to you personally. Don’t waste your money on hearsay incest where you’ll be guaranteed of great results.


Cocoa Butter For Scars

Cocoa Butter For Scars

Cocoa butter is a veggie fat extract that has a pale yellow look. This extract is semisolid in state and appears like a bar of butter.

Commercially offered cocoa butter is generally extracted from cocoa beans and is made use of for a range of functions, like making chocolate, in pharmaceuticals, preparing lotions, and a range of other toiletries.

At times, a basic dice or bar of cocoa butter is defined by a remaining taste of cocoa along with a small fragrance. Amongst them, one of the least-known uses of cocoa butter is that it is an exceptional house solution for removal of marks!

Does Cocoa Butter Assist Remove Marks?

Today, though not utilized as a direct treatment, cocoa butter is made use of as an active ingredient in a broad array of cosmetics. There are numerous homes of cocoa butter that make it an exceptional therapist of marks, specifically the ones that appear on your hands and face.

How Cocoa Butter Functions?

Cocoa butter, being a natural item, is utilized for food preparation as well as for skin care. Cocoa butter assists the marked skin to match with the rest of the skin. Apart from hydrating and softening (it locks wetness in the inmost skin layers), cocoa butter will certainly smooth out your skin tone and structure, as an outcome of which the marks appear less obvious.

The issue locations on your body would be the tummy, hips, legs, and chest (in case of stretch marks), or possibly a junked knee (triggered while playing), face, hands, and so on. You can use cocoa butter everyday to these locations and see the distinction.

Ways to Make use of Cocoa Butter on Scars

Among the very best functions of using cocoa butter as a healing agent for marks is that it is an outstanding moisturizer and assists the human skin keep the quantity of necessary wetness. The wetness that is maintained in the skin assists the skin tissues to regrow.

Wash the afflicted location clean with a mild soap, and pat it dry with a soft towel.

Take some cocoa butter on your hand and rub it carefully on the scars/stretch marks for a minute.

Let the butter get soaked up into your skin so that it stays hydrated.

Repeat this activity a minimum of two times a day to see the miracles of cocoa butter lightening your marks.

Some Even more Advantages

Cocoa butter types a safety layer of natural wetness and oil on the skin which safeguards the skin from all external weathering aspects and avoids the regrowth of broken tissues. It might be the best acne scar treatment on the market.

The very best aspect of cocoa butter is the terrific scent which lasts for rather a long period of time, and furthermore, you do not need to invest a great deal of dollars, as it is rather affordable.

Individuals staying in areas that have severe weather conditions commonly use a thin layer of cocoa butter on their skin in order to avoid weathering damage.

With routine use of cocoa butter, your skin becomes soft, smooth, and it begins to radiance (for which you would generally need to invest God knows how lots of hours in a parlor!).

You can make use of cocoa butter through oil, cream, or stick, however I recommend you to opt for the pure bar to obtain even more advantages. Get a cocoa and go butter bar, cut some pieces, put in it your hot bath and feel the magic.

At times, an easy dice or bar of cocoa butter is identified by a remaining taste of cocoa along with a small fragrance. Cocoa butter, being a natural item, is utilized for food preparation as well as for skin care. Pure cocoa butter is complimentary from all the extreme chemicals and is rich in Vitamin E that assists in skin repair service. Cocoa butter assists the marked skin to match with the rest of the skin. Apart from hydrating and softening (it locks wetness in the inmost skin layers), cocoa butter will certainly smooth out your skin tone and structure, as an outcome of which the marks appear less visible.


Facts About Acne Scars

Facts About Acne Scars

Acne affects more than 40 million citizens in the United States today. Almost eighty percent of individuals from the age group of 11 to 30 years suffer from acne, most regularly on their face, back & chest.

But acne is not limited to any single age group. Adults who’re in their twenties, thirties and even forties can suffer from acne.

Maximum cases of acne do react to cure and clean up without any scars left behind. However, cured acne may leave scars in few people, & it is never easy to guess who may end up with scars post an acne burst & who won’t.

Serious, sore, cystic acne continuously leaves scars they are healed. And in few persons even quickly inflamed acne may end in scarring.

Whether this scarring is superficial or deep, scattered or extensive, the final result may be less than required or even worrying.

Acne scars could contribute your skin an aging appearance. Scars might also add to a person appearing older as compared to their age since the skin misses its elasticity.

Currently countless therapies are made available in order to eliminate or reduce acne scars. The depth & type of the scars may affect the treatment choice.

Given below are few simple facts regarding acne scars:

Facts regarding the kinds of acne scars: They result from improved tissue development, reply to the irritation of acne and harm of tissue.

Facts regarding increased tissue development: Scars resulted from improved tissue creation are produced due to a build-up of collagen inside your skin. They’re known as keloid or hypertrophic scars.

Keloids typically are seen among multiple family members. There’s a hereditary predisposition in order to create keloids post tissue injury. For instance, Afro-Americans normally are more likely to form keloid.

Facts regarding scars causing due to tissue loss: Acne scars causing due to tissue loss are more general as compared to scars which result from improved tissue creation.

There exist numerous categories. Some of these can be atrophic macules, superficial as well as deep soft scars, ice-pick scars.

Ice-pick scars:

They receive their name due to the way they appear. They can be deep or even superficial, are normally small and contain steep sides similar to ice-pick wound. They could be soft or hard.

The soft scars typically are more superficial while the hard scars normally are deeper. The lowest of the hard scar inside the skin could be wider as compared to the scar which are at the surface of your skin.

Usually depressed fibrotic scars are big scars which have severe edges as well as steep sides. They appear very much similar to severe chicken pox scars.

Deep and superficial scars may change in size. They’ve sloping edges which merge through regular skin.

Atrophic macules:

They are flat, soft scars which often have a violet or bluish color upon white skin because of the underlying blood vessels. They tend to fade off over period.

However, the fact is that there also exist different kinds of treatments to select for your acne scar removal.


Home Remedies for Skin Tags: The Safe and Effective Treatment that Worked for Me

Home Remedies for Skin Tags: The Safe and Effective Treatment that Worked for Me

From tea tree oil, ginger, nail polish to baking soda and castor oil, the number of suggestions touted as effective home remedies for skin tags is staggering. On top of these suggestions there are also a number of more conventional and, often, costly treatment methods listed for removing skin tags. This can lead to confusion and make you wonder where to even start. While I can’t vouch for every one of these treatment options, I can suggest a natural treatment method that worked for me.

Firstly, let me tell you about the issue I had with these pesky skin abnormalities. A few months ago I noticed a number of unsightly bumps on my neck. This caused me to panic and worry that it was something more serious. Fortunately, I discovered these skin blemishes are benign and harmless tumours called skin tags.

While my health concerns were appeased, the appearance of these unsightly skin anomalies was still causing me some distress and embarrassment. They were located to the front left hand side of my neck and were clearly visible to someone close by. The thing that made it worse though was that I a date coming up. Who would want to be seen with someone with these things hanging from their neck? He’d probably think there was something wrong with me or that I was unhygienic and didn’t take care of myself.

Fortunately, I did have a scarf available to cover them up in public, which might have looked strange to onlookers, but it was better than people seeing the disgusting sight that lay beneath. However, the scarf wouldn’t be an option for my date so I wanted to find a method of getting rid of skin tags and pronto.

I started looking for solutions, starting with the more conventional medical options first. There were a number of different treatment methods suggested, such as cryosurgery, excision, surgical ligation and cauterization. The problem was skin tags are classed as a cosmetic issue and my insurance wouldn’t cover one of these methods. With limited funds available at the time, the anxiety and low mood I’d been feeling became worse as I realised using one of these medical methods as a skin tag removal option was out of the equation for now.

I started checking out the various home remedies and came across a variety of different suggestions. Firstly, a number of people mentioned over the counter products for achieving skin tag removal at home. These, while not as expensive as the medical treatments, were still costly and some of the ones suggested were made for warts and moles. They might work, but I wasn’t going to spend my money unless I was sure. The natural remedies for skin tags looked more appealing. However there were a number that seemed to have little evidence backing their effectiveness. The ones that looked effective such as apple cider vinegar and duct tape would take several weeks to deal with the issue and that time frame was out of the question. I wanted a quicker solution for getting rid of skin tags.

I tried one of the suggestions that involved cutting the skin tags off with a pair of nail clippers. I only tried it on one of the tags and it was painful. The pain and sight of blood put me off trying it on the rest. Furthermore, I wasn’t sure it was safe and whether there was a risk of scaring. I didn’t want to exchange one series of skin deformities for a series of others.

I continued searching and eventually found a product called “Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Removal”.

It claimed to be a short report about effective home remedies for moles, warts and skin tags. The author, Charles Davidson, describes himself as an alternative medicine practitioner, an expert in natural remedies and a skin care specialist. I found this description a bit too self-glorifying, but his personal story certainly built rapport with me.

He talks about how he suffered from moles, warts and skin tags when he was younger. Unfortunately, he had them on his face. While the ones on my neck were visible, at least I had the option to hide them, even if the rubbing of the scarf was a pain. It must have been more traumatic for him and others who either have or are suffering with these types of skin lesions on their face or eyelids. The kids at his school certainly weren’t kind, constantly referring to him as “the mask”. They also avoided him out of fear that he’d infect them with something.

This, of course, led him to try numerous solutions for getting rid of skin tags, moles and warts. This saw both him and his parents spending lots of money on expensive over the counter treatments and even more expensive surgical options. The issue was, while some of these treatments were effective, these issues would come back time and again.

He claims he eventually discovered natural remedies for his warts, moles and skin tags that worked within three days. He was able to cure his skin conditions without any side effects such as scaring and they haven’t reoccurred since.

Certainly this seemed too good to be true and I nearly didn’t purchase the product. The main reason I did go ahead and buy it though, was due to the numerous before and after pictures his customers had sent in of their warts, moles and skin tags before and after using his treatment methods. Sure there was some scepticism that they were faked, but the low cost suggested I might as well give it a go.

The report came in the form of a PDF document and I was able to download it immediately after the purchase. It’s 106 pages and has sections dealing with warts, moles, skin tags and genital warts. Each section goes over what each of these skin anomalies are, the different types, the conventional treatments available and finally the authors natural remedy for the condition been discussed.

The method he presents for removing skin tags involves a number of inexpensive household items that you can pick up at a local store. Once I had the items, I begun following his natural remedy. To my surprise, after around five days my skin tags had vanished. Even better, there was no scarring and no sign they’d ever been there to begin with. While his claim of it working in three days was incorrect for me, the treatment did eventually work.

I felt like I’d become whole again. My self-confidence was back and I wasn’t overly worried about anyone thinking less of me. I also managed to go on my date blemish free and, while it didn’t go as great as I had hoped, I certainly had a good time and wasn’t sat worrying about my date staring at my neck and wondering what in the world was wrong with me.

I have to make it clear that I’ve only read the sections related to skin tags and can’t speak of whether the information on and remedies for warts, moles and genital warts is effective. Certainly it’s something I’d check out if I or someone I knew was suffering from one of these conditions, but if you’re reading this  and are suffering from one of these, I’m sorry I can’t help provide more information.

The product cost $37 and while I can’t guarantee it’ll work for your skin tags, I certainly wanted to make others in similar predicaments aware of the product and how it had worked for me. The author does offer a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you do decide to purchase the guide, you can always claim your money back if it doesn’t work out for you. It’s also worth mentioning that it comes with seven or so bonus books about the benefits of certain food and dieting. What they have to do with skin related issues, I don’t know, but I thought I’d let you know anyway.

Lastly, whatever you decide to buy his guide, seek one of the medical options or use one of the various home remedies for skin tags I wish you luck and hope you’re able to find a remedy that works for you.


Difference Between Skin Tags, Warts and Moles

Difference Between Skin Tags, Warts and Moles

Everyone wants to look their best, that means having clear blemish free skin.  Nothing is worst to someone concerned with their appearance than a skin tag, wart or unsightly mole.  The best way to keep your skin free of these anomalies is to know what they are and what causes them, how to remove them and when to leave well enough alone.

Cutaneous Tags or Cutaneous Papillomas

What are skin tags? They are pieces of soft hanging skin that are often given more medical sounding names like cutaneous papilloma or cutaneous tag.  Not to fear, these names are much more ominous than the actual problem.  Generally, they are benign, non cancerous skin tumors which do not create any problem for the person affected, except to create a less than attractive feature on their bodies.  These tags are a problem associated with aging and generally occur after midlife.  The common locations for tags are the eyelids, the armpits, under the breasts, the groin, the upper chest and the neck.  You may have taken note of the fact that all these locations are areas where skin rubs against skin, which is thought to be the cause of tags, the irritation of skin against skin.

Who is Susceptible to Developing Tags?

If left untreated they may fall off on their own or they may persist.  They range in size from 2 millimeters to 5 centimeters.  Because they appear to be caused by the friction of skin rubbing against skin, they are more common in overweight people and people with type 2 diabetes who tend to be overweight.  Tags are also associated with pregnancy.  Pregnant women may develop them because of their hormone secretions.  A collagen fibre in the skin bonding, which is a result of illegal steroid use, is yet another cause of these skin anomalies. The human papilloma virus (HPV) has also been linked to the formation of tags.

Removing Skin Tags

  • Cauterization
  • Cryosurgery
  • Ligation
  • Excision

Most people don’t want skin tags to remain on their bodies until they fall off, so they seek out safe ways to remove them, especially if it is visible to others.  Common ways to remove these harmless blemishes is with cauterization, cryosurgery, ligation and excision.  Each procedure will remove the anomaly successfully.  Cauterization uses electrolysis to burn off the tag.  Cryosurgery does the opposite and uses nitrogen to freeze the tag off.  The next option is to cut off the blood supply of the tag through ligation and finally, excision is an alternative that is simply cutting the tag off using a scalpel.  Any removal procedure should be conducted by a medical professional, except if using an over-the-counter medication to remove any tag other than an eyelid skin tag.  Only use an ophthalmologist to remove eyelid tags for the safety of your vision.

What are Warts?

You may be wondering what is the difference between skin tags and warts?  Both the skin tag and the wart have one thing in common.  The HPV virus can cause both.  The major difference is found in the appearance of the skin anomaly, its location and its communicable nature.  Warts can be flat if located on the feet and may present with a small seed like center on other body parts such as the hands and fingers.  The other main difference is the number of anomalies.  Warts can be numerous on the same body (sometimes as many as 100 warts can exist on the same person), while tags normally appear singularly. The other main difference between tags and warts is the contagious nature of the wart.  Warts can be transferred to other parts of the body and rarely from one person to another.  Tags cannot affect any other area of the body by proximity nor can they ever be communicated to others.

Wart Removal

Doctors rarely recommend wart removal except in extreme cases with very painful warts or rapidly spreading warts. Warts can be removed by one of several methods.  The same methods used to eliminate tags of skin can be utilized to remove warts, plus the addition of two chemical solutions: salicylic acid and cantharidin.  Salicylic acid is often used on children at home and cantharidin, a blistering agent is used only by doctors during in-office procedures.

What are Moles?

Another common skin anomaly is the mole.  What are moles? Moles are generally small raised areas of skin composed of a higher concentration of melanin than the surrounding skin, which causes it darker appearance.  The color can range from flesh toned, to blue or black.  Most people have several moles over their entire body.  For the most part, they are harmless.  The harmless ones are removed only for cosmetic reasons.  The rare moles that are a symptom of a malignant melanoma (one in one million) are often related to sunburn.  You should be concerned about moles when you notice changes in its size, its borders, its shape, color or surface appearance and/or it begins to itch, hurt, bleed or swell.

Any skin anomaly or blemish is often disheartening.  Instead of being overwhelmed or depressed, get educated about its meaning.  It may point out some health changes you should be making to protect your overall health. A good example is the tag which is often formed because of obesity and diabetes.   If you needed a visual reminder that you had a health issue that you needed to address, the skin tag tells you you’re overweight or have unbalanced blood sugar problem.  It may simply mean your body’s changing.  Whatever the final decree, get knowledgeable, get medical help and keep moving, life is filled with challenges; some that need to be addressed and some that don’t.


Getting Rid of Skin Tags: The Medical Options

Getting Rid of Skin Tags: The Medical Options

Skin tags are a common skin condition that affects many people at one point in their lives. They are small mild tumors, which pose no major threat. However, they sometimes become irritated and when that happens they can be very itchy and uncomfortable. Moreover, they are unsightly and affect a person’s appearance negatively. Therefore, it is important for one to take the necessary steps to treat or remove them. There are several procedures that one can use when getting rid of skin tags. It is advisable to learn about all of them, so that one can make an informed choice.


There are several things that one should consider before selecting a skin tag removal technique. They include:

  • Cost
  • Location of the tags
  • Success rate
  • Side effects
  • How long the results last

By considering these factors, one is able to identify the technique that best suits him or her. In addition to this, one should also consult a doctor or dermatologist before making a decision. This way the medical practitioner is able to determine which method would have the least side effects and the one that is best depending on where the tags are located.

One can either remove tags using natural methods at home or through medical procedures. Regardless of the method used, it is important for one to ensure that the process is performed hygienically. This way, infections are kept at bay.


One can remove tags through ligation. This is procedure can be performed in a hospital or at home. It involves cutting off blood circulation to the skin tags. To do this, one ties a small piece of thread around the base of a skin tag. This cuts off blood supply to the tag. With time, the tag dies off and becomes easy to remove. Therefore, one can pull it out easily.

The advantage of this procedure is that it is painless. Moreover, it cheap, since all a person needs is a small piece of thread. The procedure is not messy and does not involve a lot of bleeding. Therefore, it is an ideal natural home treatment.

Over-the-Counter Medication

Medication can also help remove a skin tag or be used together with other removal procedures. For instance dental floss can be used in ligation. Over-the-counter cryotherapy treatment is also effective. It involves the application of liquid nitrogen directly to the skin tag, causing it to die and come off.

Cryotherapy is best performed by a physician, but one can also purchase liquid nitrogen from a pharmacy and administer the treatment at home. However, over-the-counter liquid nitrogen is weaker than the one that is used by physicians. The use of medication quickens the removal process. However, it is advisable to get professional help first, since some medications have side effects.

Snipping or Cutting

Cutting skin tags is the most common removal technique. It is simple and involves the use of a pair of sterilized nail clippers or scissors. One snips the excess skin away at the base. If the skin tag is thick, there might be some bleeding. The procedure is simple, but can lead to infection and unnecessary puncturing of healthy skin if not performed well.


Cauterization is a medical procedure that is performed in the hospital. The procedure involves the use of an electric cauterization tool, which burns the skin tag. The area around the tag is sterilized with alcohol and numbed using anesthetic.

Once the area is numb and has low blood flow, the skin tag is cur off using a scalpel and then the cauterization tool is used to cauterize the wound so that the skin tag does not grow back. The good thing about this procedure is that it offers permanent results. However, it is expensive.


Cryosurgery involves the use of liquid nitrogen to transfer heat from the skin. When applied to the skin, the liquid nitrogen absorbs body heat. This leaves the skin cells frozen. The cells start dying off as the ice thaws and the skin tag falls off. This method is painless, but must be done with care to avoid affecting healthy skin.


Excision is also another medical procedure. It is basically surgical removal of tags. It resembles snipping and cutting, but unlike them it has to be performed by a medical practitioner in a hospital. Local anesthetic is not used, since the procedure is not painful. The good thing about it is that the materials used are well sterilized and the procedure is performed in a controlled environment. This eliminates the risk of getting infections.


Every patient is usually concerned that the removed skin tag will grow back. That happens in some cases. However, if the skin tag is removed properly, it should not grow back. That is why it is advisable to seek advice from your doctor before removing a skin tag.


How to Remove Skin Tags at Home: Five Home Remedies

How to Remove Skin Tags at Home: Five Home Remedies

One of the most popular medical names for the skin tag condition is acrochordon. There are quite a number of other medical names that make the tumours sound like a very serious skin condition. Generally, skin tags are mostly not dangerous.

The condition comes about as a result of an overgrowth of cells. They may appear on the eyelids, armpits, neck, groin and many other places. They appear as loose hanging skin. Anyone can get affected with the condition although they are mostly common in obese people and are also genetic.

The good news is that the removal of skin tags is very simple. There are both medical remedies and home approved remedies to solve the problem. Many people who do not know how to remove skin tags at home visit the dermatologist for a solution.

Whether you decide to go the medical way or the home do-it-yourself way, removing the tumors is not a painful process. Most people who have had one removed from home or hospital claim that the pain is as mild as a mosquito bite.


Here is how you remove skin tags at home

Litigation is a simple process that many people use to get rid of these annoying skin problems. All you need is a cotton yarn or dental floss. The tags normally have a trunk and you will need to tie the cotton thread or dental floss at the base of the tag. Ensure that the thread is tied tight enough for this remedy to work.

Let the tie stay on for about a week. You will notice that it will soon turn a dark color almost black and fall off on its own. This method is quite painless. However, you may need to do it when you are planning to be indoors especially when the tag is located around your face. You do not want to walk around with a cotton thread hanging from your face in public.

Scissors or Nail Clippers in Alcohol

This method may not be suitable for everyone. Some bleeding is expected when this method is applied. Therefore, if you have any blood conditions, this may not be an option for you.

Using scissors and nail clippers also exposes you to the risk of getting an infection since you will be creating an open wound. Alcohol is used to thoroughly sterilize the nail clippers or scissors to ensure that they do not cause any infections.

Apply some alcohol on the area with the condition as well before clipping it off with the nail clippers or pair of scissors. Ensure that you cut the tag from the base. Peroxide can come in handy to treat the wound once the tag falls of. Extra precaution needs to be applied when using this method. If the wound does not heal normally over the following couple of days, you may want to consult a medical practitioner.

Over the counter remedies

There are quite a number of over the counter remedies for this problem. One of the most popular ways of removing the tags is freezing them with liquid nitrogen.

This method is also known for removing warts. All you have to do is to apply liquid nitrogen and wait for the skin tag to fall off. The skin tag will fall off by itself after a couple of days or weeks.

Tea Tree Oil

This is an age old treatment for many skin conditions. It has proven to be effective for many skin conditions. This is a painless procedure.

Simply clean the area with the tag with soap and water and then apply Tea Tree Oil. Follow this procedure several times a day. After a while the tag will dry by itself and fall off.

Nail Polish

The solution to your problem may be just lying on your dressing table. Nail polish has been known to be a great remedy when dealing with skin tags. All you need to do is to apply nail polish on the area with skin tag and wait for it to fall off. This process is most effective when you plan to spend a lot of time indoors.

These are just a few of the many home remedies that there are out there. By carrying out some research online and among friends and family you will get new ideas. If one method fails to get rid of your skin tag, then try another.

When home remedies are not working for you, you can consider visiting a dermatologist. With just a scalpel, the doctor can easily remove the skin tag. Most likely your medical insurer will not pay for these services because they are considered purely cosmetic.


Skin Tag Removal – Can They Actually Be Removed?

Skin Tag Removal - Can They Actually Be Removed

Before we go into the treatment options for these skin anomalies, let’s take a look at exactly what skin tags are. Skin tabs or tags are harmless growths on the skin usually found under the breasts, neck, armpits, groin folds, and the eyelids. Studies show that the human body can have over 100 of these excesses of skin and anyone can develop the skin condition.

These outgrowths can be described as small balloons of soft skin that are acquired through the rubbing of skin on skin. While more than 50 percent of the human population will get skin tags at a certain point in life and that it is safe to say that having them is normal, some tags can really ruin one’s appearance. In spite of being harmless, skin outgrowths can cause embarrassment to those who have them especially if there is pigmentation.

Obesity increases the risk factors of having tags because they usually have more skin creases than those who are not obese. Pregnant women are also prone to having such an outgrowth because of hormonal changes.

If you are planning to remove skin tags, skin tag removal range from a number of home remedies to medical options. This means that there are plenty of procedures and treatments to choose from to get rid of this skin problem.

Common Home Remedies for Skin Tags


Freezing a skin tag using liquid nitrogen is one of the most common home remedies for this problem. Liquid nitrogen is usually available in hospitals. However, because these kinds of outgrowth are rather common, there are now over-the-counter products sold in drug stores that are designed to get rid of tags. Do-It-Yourself Freezing Kits are readily available and some are even sold online. Freezing can be quite painful so be sure to be ready for the pain if you are planning to give this home remedy a try.

Removing Blood Supply through Ligation

Since a tag is part of the skin, it also needs blood supply for it to thrive. Removing the blood supply going towards the tag is one way to get rid of it. To do this, you can tie it off with a dental floss at its base and just leave it there for a few days. Tugging on the floss gently each day will help as well. After a few days, the tag should no longer have enough blood supply to keep itself alive and it will fall off on its own.

This is one of the less painful removal procedures that can be done from home and the least expensive too. However, one must note that it is only effective for small tags.

Isopropyl Alcohol

While it may sound painful to douse your tags in alcohol, it is not as bad as the freezing method. The first thing to do is to look for the clear skin right on top of the tag itself and clipping it off. This part of the tag is devoid of nerves so cutting it off will not hurt too much. Take a bit of alcohol and dab it on the skin tag.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Rubbing apple cider vinegar on the affected areas at least three times a day is another inexpensive way of removing outgrowths. While there’s a little discomfort in using this home remedy and that there is a need for you to apply the solution religiously, it is quite effective. It takes a few weeks for the tag to fall off.

Skin Tag Removal: Medical Options


Cauterization is the process of burning off the excess skin through electrolysis. It destroys the tissues therefore killing the tag.

Preparation: Before the procedure, doctors usually ask their patients to stop taking medications that can cause thinning of the blood.

General Anesthetic: Yes

Risk of Scarring:  Yes but will be gone in a few weeks.


This surgical procedure utilizes extreme cold to rid of abnormal tissue growths. It employs liquid nitrogen to freeze the skin abnormality.

Preparation: You should inform your physician about all the medications you have been taking including supplements to ensure that your body is ready for such a procedure.

General Anesthetic: Yes

Scarring: Little to none

Surgical Excision

Often confused with cauterization, excision is a surgical procedure where the tag is cut off with a scalpel. While this sounds rather painful, excision requires that the patient is injected with anesthesia during the procedure. Often, the surgeon will numb the tag first before cutting it off.

Preparation: Inform your doctor about your allergies if any.

General Anesthetic: Yes

Scarring:  Little to none

Do Skin Tags Reoccur?

Skin outgrowths rarely recur if properly removed either through a surgical procedure or a home remedy. Called acrochordons, these flesh-colored growths should be treated delicately. While there are home remedies that are very effective in the removal of such growths, there is a risk for infection and bleeding. It is always a good idea to consult with a physician or a medical practitioner.